The producing principals of Devouring Venus

Marty Hardin: writer, director, producer

Marty is an award winning filmmaker who began his career in advertising as an art director, and then later expanded into copywriting and scriptwriting. He moved through the ranks to executive leadership roles as both a group creative director and as an agency producer for global Fortune 500 and 100 clients. 

Marty’s 40 films have been broadcast on 5 continents, screened in galleries, museums, and over 100 film festivals globally, including: KühlhausBerlin, The Krakow International Film Festival, ShoTime, The Southeastern Center of Contemporary Art, The Tiburon International Film Festival, Online Film Festival, The Krakow and Warsaw Museums of Contemporary Art, Antimatter Media Arts Festival, and many others.

Most recently, Hardin served as producer and director of photography on the feature film, Brink, which is currently in post-production. He is also an Associate Producer and Advisory Board Member to Prinroc, Ltd’s production of, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, which is currently in pre-production. 

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Tracy Nicole Cring: dp, editor, producer

In the beginning of her career, Tracy taught herself the ins and outs of cinematography. She then learned how to edit and went on to win the 1997 Los Angeles Film Festival. She received the grand prize: the latest in filmmaking gear. She then relocated to Nashville, TN, where she met her future husband, Jon Russell Cring. She then put her LA Film Festival winnings to use by co-writing, shooting, and editing a television series with Jon serving as director. Since those early days, she and Jon have gone on to produce 18 feature films. They have had three films released within the past year alone: Hobo Heyseus (2015); The Night We Met (2015),  and This is Nowhere (2016). 

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Jon Russell Cring: casting director, assistant to the director, producer

Jon Russell Cring is a director and producer, known for Point Society (2015-17), Little Bi Peep (2013), and Creeping Crawling (2012). Together with his producing partner and wife, Tracy Nicole Cring, they have produced 18 feature films including the recently released films: Hobo Heyseus (2015); The Night We Met (2015), and This is Nowhere (2016). 

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Matthew Mann, Esq.: production legal counsel, executive producer

Matthew Mann is a producer and actor, known for Devouring Venus (2017), Her Telling Heart (2012),This Is Nowhere (2016), and Marcy (2016).

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Jack Skyyler: associate producer

Gaffer, Cinematographer, and Visual Effects Artist. Jack has over 140 IMDB credits covering everything from editorial to special effects. Most recently he has served as a producer  on multiple projects including: Las Vegas Vietnam: The Movie (2017); Death’s Door (2017); Point Society (2015-17)

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Devouring Venus Production Credits

Directed by:
Marty Hardin

Story by:
Marty Hardin

Written by:
Marty Hardin, with: Haley Beauregard; Eric Eastman;
Daniel Scot Kadin; Kristin Muri, and Maggie Wagner

Produced by:
Marty Hardin, Jon Russell Cring, Tracy Nicole Cring,
Charlie Adams, Edward Beard, Larry Johnson, Esq., and Andrew Lesnik

Executive Producer:
Matthew Mann, Esq., Larry Johnson, Esq., Edward Beard

(in alphabetical order)

Erin………………..Haley Beauregard
Michael…………………Eric Eastman
Brian………………Daniel Scot Kadin
Muriel…………………..Kristin Muri
Janet…………………Maggie Wagner

Director of Photography:
Tracy Nichole Cring

Production Designers:
Ashley Gibson, Tracy Nichole Cring

Edited by:
Tracy Nichole Cring

Associate Producers:
Zach Durocher, Daniel Scot Kadin, Jack Skyyler

Production Legal Counsel:
Matthew Mann, Esq.

Music by:
Konstantin Trokay

Casting Director:
Jon Russell Cring

Unit Production Manager:
Jon Russell Cring

1st Assistant Director:
Ashley Gibson

On-Set Assistant to the Director:
Jon Russell Cring

Haley Beauregard and Eric Eastman

Production Supervisor:
Tracy Nichole Cring

Set Decorator:
Ashley Gibson

Camera Operators:
A-Camera Operator, Tracy Nicole Cring
B-Camera Operator, Caroline Mariko Stucky
C-Camera Operator, Bo Smith
D-Camera Operator, Hannah Delta
E-Camera Operators:
Tracy Nicole Cring
Caroline Mariko Stucky
Bo Smith

1st AC/Digital Loader:
Bo Smith

Digital Wranglers/DIT:
Tracy Nichole Cring
Bo Smith

Hard drives for the production of Devouring Venus
made possible in part by the following Indiegogo donors:

Paulette & Terry Johnson
Maggie Hamm
Kimberly Hickock

Script Supervisor:
Ashley Gibson

Sound Mixer:
Craig Slon

Lavalier microphones rentals for the production of Devouring Venus
made possible in part by the following Indiegogo donors:

Ava Barlow
Matt Becker
Carla Helton Bundren

Joy Michiyo Klein
Tricia Ricotta

Caroline Mariko Stucky
Bo Smith

Property Master:
Ashley Gibson

Props for the production of Devouring Venus
made possible in part by the following Indiegogo donors:

Fredda Merzon
Craig A. Miles
Jeffrey K Poteat

Transportation Coordinator/Driver:
Jon Russell Cring

Second Unit Director:
Tracy Nichole Cring

Second Unit Camera Operators
A-Camera, Tracy Nicole Cring
B-Camera, Bo Smith

Second Unit Sound Mixer:
Craig Slon

Craft Service:
Jon Russell Cring
Tracy Nichole Cring

Production Insurance underwritten wholly by:
The Upstate Independent Filmmakers Network (UIFN)
“The resource for media artist in NY, VT, MA, and CT”

Craft service for the production of Devouring Venus
made possible in part by the following Indiegogo donors:

Larraina Carpenter, who made 5 donations

Coffee provided for the production of Devouring Venus
made possible in part by the following Indiegogo donor:

Melysa Acevedo

Housing provided during the production of Devouring Venus
made possible in part by the following Indiegogo donors:

Duane & Kim Floyd
Tommy Luckado

Additional Indiegogo Contributors

$200 Level Contributors:
Vishwanath Bush
Gary Etheridge & Family

$150 Level Contributor:
Shannon Watkins

$100 Level Contributors:
Lauren Cobb Joseph
Geoff King

$50 Level Contributors:
Lea Danner
Kimeron Hardin
Todd LaRoche
Alyson Popa

$25 Level Contributors:
Matt Becker
Zach Derocher

Additional Indiegogo Contributors:
Elizabeth Hilliard
Thomas Mercer

Special thanks to:
Cogent Technologies
Renee Fortson
Kathy Hardin
Kimberly Hickock
Paulette Johnson

Paul Marano
Tommy McBrayer

Heidi Elizabeth Philipsen-Meissner
Jessica Nogueira
“Bella Tribe”

David Voerman

Mr. Griz & Dixie

“Devouring Venus” was filmed entirely on location in Pleasantville, NY.

“Devouring Venus” is a production of Hudson West Productions, LLC and incidental pictures.

This motion picture is protected under the copyright laws of the United States and other countries throughout the world. Country of first publication: United States of America. Any unauthorized exhibition, distribution, or copying of this film or any part thereof (including soundtrack) may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution. The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

© 2017, Hudson West Productions, LLC, and incidental pictures

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